Images from Ray and Joanne Reed

Wherever they were photographing, from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, canoeing the Snake River in Teton National Park, on our knees in a bog in Michigan, shooting grizzlies in Alaska, or kneeling over a tide pool in British Columbia, Ray was always natures advocate, engaging anyone he could in conversation about the beauty of the natural world and the desperate need to protect it. Ray always enjoyed answering questions about photography.

Ultimately they developed nine nature programs on different subjects that were shown to National and State Parks, Art Galleries, Photography Clubs, Elderhostel Groups and many others.

Ray encouraged and tutored many people and shared his knowledge of photography with photographers in all levels of interest. He gave his heart and soul throughout his life to recording and protecting the natural world and was an involved advocate for the protection of wild animals. He was a very proud member of the Sedona Camera Club.

Below you'll find a few images from Ray and Joanne's fantastic collection. These have been digitized from the original slides for our club to share with the world.

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