Mentoring Program - Sedona Camera Club

Mentoring Program

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings will be held at the Lutheran Church - 25 Chapel Road, Sedona

2017-2018 Programs

Date    Time Topic Led by
04/09/18 6PM Using Camera Raw/Lightroom to Process Images John Gafford
04/02/18 6PM Managing Depth of Field Bill Belvin
03/19/18 6PM Wildlife Photography Stephanie Brand & Mark Elder
02/19/18 6PM Enhancing Images with Plugins John Murphy
02/12/18 6PM Composition Elaine Belvin
01/08/18 4PM Photoshop Layers & Masking
Limited to first 6 members that sign up
Rob Portil
11/13/17 6PM HDR Photography John Murphy
10/16/17 6PM Creating a Slideshow John Murphy


2016 - 2017 Programs

Date    Time Topic Led by
03/21 9AM

Portrait Photography - Part 2: Outdoor Workshop

Barb Sherman and Wolfgang Burns

03/20 6-8PM

Macro Photography

John Murphy

03/13 7-9PM

Lightroom Printing Module

Peter Gassner

2/13/17 7-9 PM

Introduction to Portrait Photography - Part 1
Limited to first 8 members who sign up with Roger Kiel at

Barb Sherman

12/10/16 1-4 PM

Outdoor Session - Flash and Speedlights:
Bear Mountain Trailhead

Wolfgang Burns

12/05/16 7-9 PM Advanced Lightroom Develop Module

Roger Kiel and Stephanie Brand

11/14/16 7-9 PM Speedlights and Flash

Wolfgang Burns

09/19/16 7-9 PM

Lightroom Develop Module

Stephanie Brand


Lightroom and Camera Raw

Stephanie Brand and Roger Kiel


Overview of Lightroom

Stephanie Brand and Roger Kiel





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