Submit Images for Photo Critiques

The rules listed below are an abbreviated summary of the rules for images being submitted for Photo Critiques.
Review the rules prior to submitting.
Additional details about Photo Critiques can be found in the Photo Critique Handbook.
Details about criteria and sub-criteria used in judging and scoring images can be found in the Judging Rubric.
Review the Preparing Images for Photo Critiques reference to understand the recommended steps for saving images in Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.


  • Images must be of photographic origin and be those of the competitor.
  • Use of image elements from stock images, the web or another photographer is not permitted.
  • Use of photographs or scans of two-dimensional artwork are not acceptable.
  • Submission of recent work is strongly recommended.
  • Post processing of an image must be done exclusively by the competitor.
  • There is no restrictions on the extent of enhancement of an image prior to submission.
  • Resubmission of images is prohibited.
  • Number of submissions

  • Members may enter a total of up to four images in each month: two in the Digital Division and two in the Print Division.
  • Makeup submissions

  • Makeup submissions are available for members who missed submitting in a Division in the prior month.
  • If a member submits one entry in a Division, it will be considered a full entry and will not be eligible for a make-up entries in that Division the following month.
  • Makeup submissions may only be submitted two times during the club's year and must be submitted in the month following the missed photo critique.
  • Image Size, Format

  • Images must be in a JPG format and should be saved using a sRGB color profile
  • Images must be a JPG, less than 10MB in size and between 2000 and 4000 pixels on its longest side.
  • Images not meeting the size requirements will be rejected.
  • If you are unable to resize your image you can request help from
  • Image Content

  • Images must NOT include the display of a signature logo, copyright notice or other identification of the photographer
  • Images submitted as part of a print critique must be identical in every aspect to the print as it is presented for judging. The brightness may be adjusted to make the print and digital versions look the same.
  • Print submissions

  • Prints may be submitted at the club meeting prior to the Photo Critique or as directed by the Print Chair prior to the deadline.
  • The smallest dimension of the photo cannot exceed 13"
    The dimensions of a matted print cannot exceed 18" x 30"
    The dimensions of an unmatted print image cannot exceed 13" x 30"
  • Submissions in the Print Division also require a digital image be submitted.
  • The digital image must be identical to the print submission.
  • Deadline

  • The deadlines for submissions of images is 9:00PM two days after the Monthly Meeting preceding the Photo Critique (i.e.: Wednesday at 9:00PM).

Click on the following link to submit your image(s) in the club's members-only website: Submit Image.

You will need to know your club member id as well as the email address associated with your membership.

A Users Manual is available with complete instructions for submitting images on the website.

If your image uploads successfully, you will get a confirmation screen listing the image(s) you have submitted. If you click on the title, you should see your image in the same format that the judges view it.  

If your images do not upload successfully, follow the Trobuleshooting steps detailed in the Preparing Images for Photo Critiques reference.

If there are any issues or questions about the process, please use the web application to contact Bob Kenney.

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