Trips and Events

All members participating in Trips and Events must sign a Release of Liability form.
The Release of Liability form must be signed electronically.

Trip leaders must review the list of participants against the list of members that have signed the form.

Photos from the club's photoshoots may now be uploaded directly to the club's website. 
In order to have your name associated with your image, the image will need to be updated to include your name and title.

  1. Add a Title and the Photographer's name to the image before submitting it.
    Instructions for adding this information using lightroom, adobe bridge and photoshop is detailed below.
  2. Submit the image without your name and title.
    Send an email to the club's webmaster requesting to have it updated.

In either case, click on the 'Submit Image' link associated with the trip or event and follow the instructions to drag the image from your PC to its photo gallery.

Suggestions for future club trips may also be submitted by clicking on the link to 'Submit Suggestion'.

Date Trip or Event
??? Submit suggestion for a future club trip Submit Suggesion
May 26-27
Coconino Horse Trials Submit Image
Feb 17
National Arabian Horse Show Submit Image
Nov 10-13 2017 Chiricahua National Monument Submit Image
Sep 27-29 2017 Hubble Trading Post, Canyon deChelly and Hunts Mesa Submit Image
Sep 6-9 2017 Grand Canyon: North Rim Submit Image
July 1-2 2017 Taylor Rodeo Submit Image
Mar. 2017 Spring Trip: Tuscon Submit Image
Feb. 2017 South Coyote Buttes Submit Image
Feb. 2017 Monument Valley Submit Image
Nov. 2016 Out of Africa Submit Image
Oct. 2016 Bisti Badlands Submit Image
Aug & Sept 2016 Milky Way - With & Without Clouds Submit Image
August 2016 Hummingbirds Submit Image
August 2016 Cockscomb Sunrise Submit Image
August 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower Shoot Submit Image

Adding the Title and Photographer's Name to an Image

The Title and Photographer's name may be stored as 'metadata'.  Metadata is extra information associated with an image such as date, height and width, or pixel density.  By following these instructionf for Lightroom, Bridge or Photoshop it is possible for you to update your images with a Title and your Name in such a way that it can be recoginized by the club's photo galleries.

Lightroom Metadata


  1. Open Lightroom and make sure you are in the LIBRARY Filter.
  2. Select the image you'd like to submit for the competition.
  3. In the panel on the far right, select the Metadata tab.
  4. Add "the title of your image" to the TITLE box.
  5. Add your "Name" to the CAPTION box
  6. You may want to Add your "Email" to the COPYRIGHT box.
  7. Save the image. It is ready to be submitted.
Lightroom Metadata

Adobe Bridge or Photoshop

  1. Open Adobe Bridge and select an image
    ... or ...
    Open an image in Photoshop.
  2. In the Adobe Birdge CC dropdown menu in the upper left, select FILE, go to the bottom and select FILE INFO link.
    In the Photoshop dropdown menu in the upper left, select FILE, go to the bottom and select FILE INFO link.
  3. Add the title of your image to the DOCUMENT TITLE box.
  4. Add your "Name" to the DESCRIPTION box
  5. You may want to add your "Email" to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE box.
  6. Now click the OK button. 
  7. Save the image.  It is ready to be submitted.

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