Training Workshop - Preparing Images for Photo Critiques

This workshop is intended to help encourage members to submit their images for competition.
It is targeted at beginner and intermediate members who have not participated in competitions or are not comfortable resizing images.
Members are encouraged to bring their laptops with their photo-editing software.
It is a hands-on workshop and participants will be able to practice with their photo-editing software.
Members without laptops are still encouraged to attend.
Assistance will be available for individuals using both Windows and MAC pc's.

Workshop Objectives

  • Encourage members to submit images for Photo Critiques
  • Review requirements for images
  • Distinguish file size vs. image dimensions
  • Practice submitting images for competition
  • Practice changing file size, image dimensions
  • Recognize problem images
  • Practice submitting problem images
  • Reviewing competition results

Prior to the Workshop

  • Download the Workshop Preparation document.
  • Print the document. You will use it as a worksheet.
  • Fill in your member id and email. If you do not know your member id, it can be provided to you at the workshop.
  • Fill in the Make, Model and image sizes associated with your camera.
  • Download the Training Images
  • Images will be saved in a zip file
  • Unzip the file and save the 5 training images as individual files on your disk.
  • Record on the worksheet which folder or directory you stored the training images.
  • Copy one of Your Photos (full size, directly out of your camera) to the folder or directory with the training images.
  • If you have images you would like to actually submit for critiquing, copy them as well.
    Help will be available after the workshop to enable you to submit them for the September Photo Critiques
  • Reviewing the 5 training images
  • Assign a Title and a Subject (Aritistic, Fauna, Flora, Landscape, Man-made, People) to each of the images
  • Check off the name of the photo editing software you use.
  • Free Software is also available for editing your images.
  • PC Users: The IrfanView home page describes the program and has a link to download the program. If you have a question about the 32-Bit or 64-Bit program, select the 32-Bit version.
  • MAC Users: Your system should already have Preview or Photos installed

During the Workshop

  • Images will be submitted to a testing site on the members only web site. They will not be submitted to the actual Photo Critique site.
  • When instructed, Click SUBMIT TRAINING IMAGE to access the members only website

Following the Workshop

  • Assisance will be available if you bring images you want to submit for the September Photo Critiques.

Additional References

Document Description
Photo Critique Handbook The source for the information about Photo Critiques. It details the requirements for images and guidelines used by judges.
Judging Rubric Provides details about criteria and sub-criteria used in judging and scoring images.
Preparing Images for Photo Critiques Reference for to understanding the recommended steps for saving images in Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
Users Manual Complete instructions for submitting images on the website.

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