Glossary of Photography Terminology

A very complete glossary of terms.
  Photography Tips
ASP Educational Associate Thesis
  Bob Coates on Vocabulary for Better Photography

Photography Links

Links to Cameras, Photo software, Magazines, etc.
  Photo Start Sheet

SCC Critiquing Development

Sedona Camera Club Juding Criteria & Sub-Criteria
  SCC Judging Rubric
Glossary of Judging Terminology
  Judging Terminology
Bob Coates, Image Competition & Judging
  Judging Videos
12 Elements for the Success of Art or Images
  12 Elements for Success
PC Mag - A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements
  A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements


Adobe Software
Nik Software
Photomatix for HDR images
onOne Software
Topaz Labs
macphun Software (for Macs)

Keeping up to date, software training videos

Matt Klokowski - Photoshop Video Training
  Photoshop System

Matt Klokowski - Forum for Lightroom, Photoshop and general photography

Kelby One - Online Training for Creative People - Easy-to-follow video tutorials help you learn software, business, creative skills, and more.
B&H Photo - Gear guides, tutorials and learning resources for Photographers.
Adorama Learning Center - Gear guides, tutorials and learning resources for Photographers.
Photoshop Café - Photoshop tutorials and learning resources for Photographers, Designers & Digital Artists.
Adobe TV - Lightroom
Adobe TV - Photoshop
Adobe TV - Premiere Elements
Adobe TV - Elements
YouTube - Photoshop Channel
YouTube - Lightroom Channel


The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Publications & Reviews

INTERESTING OFFER - AL Judge Photography Collection

Please download/save the .pdf to view the offer for free books this holiday season (starting on the 12th of November). We also suggest you simply search AMAZON for "free Photography books".

Outdoor Photographer (OP) is an excellent magazine for both location, wildlife, and technical information. One can use a search engine for find info on this web site.
Shutterbug magazine has articles on new equipment and software. They sometimes have informative articles on photo related software.
Digital Photography Review has very detailed reviews on an extensive array of photographic equipment. Anyone considering a major photographic purchase would do well by checking this site., one of the largest, most-trusted and most-long-established DSLR camera, lens and photography accessory review sites!
Arizona Highways

Workshops & Events

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has some information and an extensive list of classes.

Matting Prints

Photographer Joshua Cripps, based in the former Gold Rush town of Jamestown, CA, has a very helpful 10-minute tutorial on YouTube on how to mat photographs entitled 'How to Mat a Print in an Archival, Conservation-safe Manner'
For the monthly competitions, one doesn’t need to use glue demonstrated by Joshua—especially if one will reuse the mat for future competitions.  Instead use a doubled over low tack blue 3M tape available at your local hardware store at the inside the bottom of the mat.  Securing the mat and supporting base will prevent the piece from opening and potentially damaging the print.
Below is a list of a few websites with matting supplies suggested by experienced printers in the SCC:
- Golden State Art
- Clear Bags and Pre-Cut Mats
- Redimat
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